Online course: Disability as a Jewish feminist issue

Embodied: Disability as a Jewish feminist issue is a six-week online course offered in partnership with the Center for Jewish Feminism. The six-week course will take place online, on Tuesdays from 1PM-2PM EST beginning on Feb 2. All sessions are recorded and will be available to registrants indefinitely.

The course will explore the relationship between the Jewish feminist community and the Jewish disability community. We will ask the questions: As feminists, where are we misunderstanding disability, and what can we do about it? How can concepts created by the disability community apply to feminist issues such as pregnancy, infertility, and valuing women’s lives? How can feminist principles inform our understanding of Jewish disability issues? How do we bring all of this into conversation with our Jewish tradition more broadly? The course brings together leading speakers on these issues, including: Ruti Regan, Ora Kalifa, Sheryl Grossman, Lauren Tuchman, Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael, Jessica Belasco, and others.

Cost: $150, or $100 for students and seniors. Other need-based discounts are available on request. For more information, or to request a discount, contact Elana at